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The best choice for christmas as gift from 3gsshop—cellphone,tablet pc

·                                 Nov 13,2010 - Christmas is on its way. Parents start to have a brainstorm to buy gifts for children. Due to the modern development, many parents will choose to buy a cellphone for kids. To meet this needs, 3gsshop publishes one brand new nice phone MP037. This type is very suitable for sending Christmas gifts to kids.

This nice phone designed into a shape.It is very cute and lively. It provide three colors for selecting, namely gold , black and Pink. Therefore it can be suitable for both boys and girls. Although it is just a mini phone, this MP037 phone ( can support all the common functions other phone have.

1. Nice&cool interface
As a cool phone, certanly, this phone is full of
luxury design. Which are very attractive and interesting.
2. Mobile MSN
One of the most outstanding feature is this phone comes with mobile MSN. Even use such a simple phone, kids also won’t lose chances to chat with relatives, friends and classmates. No matter where kids go, they can contact with people they like. It is cool.

3. Dual sim dual standby
Though it is just a simple cheap kids phone (, this is following the univeral trend. It equipped with dual sim dual standby. Maybe this function is not very useful for kids, but it really cool and can make up unnecessary needs.

4. Portable camera
Coming with high definition camera, the cool phone is really a good partner of photo and video taking. Light and small enough to carry any time and any place. Just can use this camera phone to take a trip, and record what interesting in the trip.

5. FM radio
Kids can also use this cute phone to listen to the radio. It can help to enlarge the view of the kids. Kids can use it to learn lot of intersting news, stories, knowledges and music, etc.

6. MP3 player
Currently, MP3 is not as booming as before, however, MP3 player is still a good partner of people. Enjoy beautiful music anytime anywhere is really a cozy enjoyment. Accompany with cute bear design, the cool phone ( can be a real MP3 player indeed but not a phone.

It believes that the above featues absolutely can meet the cellphone needs for children. It is aslo fit the cartoon chasing of children.